Welcome to the Macura Clinic

The Macura Clinic provides the finest natural care and the highest standards in comfortable relaxing surroundings.

We believe that the key to a long and happy life is to find the right balance between living this fast-paced life and having respect for ourselves and our bodies.

To help achieve that balance we combine our Knowledge of Science with the gifts from Mother Nature by providing natural solutions to common problems.
Our treatments and remedies offer a gentle alternative in healthcare.

We recognise everyone as an individual and conduct assessments to ensure that the most appropriate type of treatment is prescribed.

The Macura Clinic is forging strong links with the NHS, local businesses and the community to enable us to provide help and advice which benefits everyone. As a client of the Macura Clinic we ensure you will feel comfortable, secure and involved throughout every stage of your treatment process.

Let us help YOU improve your health.

Combining science with nature

About Sonja Macura

Sonja Macura is a fully qualified nutritional therapist, iridologist, colon hydrotherapist and homotoxicologist (modern homeopathy) and authorised prescriber of complex homeopathic remedies.

Sonja was trained in nutritional therapy by the eminent biochemist, Dr.Lawrence Plaskett, she initially practiced in London and since 2001 runs her clinic from West Yorkshire.