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Candida and other yeast infections

Candida and other yeast infections are very common problems in the disease picture of individuals.
Candida in it's various forms has been affecting growing numbers of people for several decades.
At the Macura clinic we have great experience and expertise in the treatment of this condition.

Many symptoms may accompany this condition. These include digestive system problems such as constipation,
diarrhoea, bloating and flatulence with the inability to digest food efficiently; endocrine system problems with
links to hormones especially oestrogen, and skin problems such as athletes foot. Yeast infections also affect the
brain, the respiratory system, the urinary system etc.

Another system affected is the immune system which is intrinsically linked with the colon. Frequent infections,
food and environmental sensitivities are common. Most of the immune system is situated in the colon and treatment
of this organ
is emphasised in treatment.

Mental and emotional problems are also common and have a link with the endocrine (hormonal) system. These
are usually accompanied by fatigue, exhaustion, poor co-ordination, poor memory and feelings of unreality,
amongst others.

Some people experience recurrent thrush. This condition may accompany the symptoms above. This affects
women particularly who may have monthly hormonal imbalances which must be treated to remove the yeast
invasion. Through our experience over many years we have developed successful protocols for this condition.

Our treatments involve diet, nutrient and herbal supplements, modern homeopathy, lifestyle changes and, if
desired, colon hydrotherapy. We stress that treatment can work quite quickly, but it takes time to cleanse the
digestive system and rebuild the immune system, so, for the best long term results adherence to the treatment is