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Diagnostic Testing

Sonja Macura recommends diagnostic testing for a deeper understanding of physiological problems. While the majority of tests are done in laboratories, Sonja offers Taste Testing, Bioelectric Testing and Electro-Crystal Therapy at the clinic.

What is Diagnostic Testing?

Diagnostic testing is further investigation into the current physiology of the organs and systems of the client.

Tests may relate to:

  • digestive system to reveal any
    irregularities, parasites, fungi
  • endocrine system to reveal hormone output
  • immune function to reveal the status of the body’s response to invading pathogens
  • the function of the body’s organs.

Laboratory testing may require samples of saliva, urine, blood or stools.

Types of Testing

Bioelectric Testing & Electro-crystal Therapy

Bioelectric Testing and Electro-Crystal Therapy are painless testing methods which can be used during consultation to enable an understanding of organ function, to test for allergy, intolerance or sensitivity, to test for the presence of parasites or yeasts and the integrity of the body’s systems.

This may also be used to test for the compatibility of certain supplements and remedies for clients.

Allergy Testing

Allergy testing can be carried out by bioelectric testing or by blood tests.
We offer a simple blood test kit at our online shop or can arrange an extensive test for 100 or more food allergens.

Multiple allergens or sensitivities can suggest low immune system function and forms of Candida or other fungal infection.

Hair Mineral Testing

We use a practitioner hair testing laboratory to assist us with understanding the client’s mineral and toxic metal tissue levels. This provides a good assessment of the client’s tendencies toward disease and helps to define endocrine imbalances as well as helping us to understand the toxic metal load.

Taste Testing

Taste testing indicates deficiencies in both bulk and trace minerals. A full mineral analysis takes about 30 minutes and helps to determine which minerals may be required in treatment.

Trace minerals should always be prescribed together rather than in isolation. Some people self treat with zinc and this can imbalance other nutrients. We can remedy the imbalances with appropriate supplements.

DNA Paternity Testing

DNA is set at conception and
does not change. We inherit it
from our biological parents and
if the mother’s and child’s patterns
are known, the father’s can be deduced with virtual certainty.

Testing can help:

  • Answer difficult questions
  • Resolve disputes
  • Streamline court proceedings
  • Facilitate pretrial settlements

Offering piece of mind and legally
defensible results, the clinic uses a
unique Dual Process TM system to
ensure that all samples are tested
twice to produce results of unmatched
quality and reliability.

We offer a completely confidential
service taking quick and painless
cheek swab samples from people
of all ages. Results determining
relationships are usually available in
5 -7 working days.


NB. Diagnostic testing does not and should not replace any recommended treatment from your General Practitioner. Any medical conditions should always be reported to and discussed with your own GP.