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Sonja Macura was trained in Homotoxicology in the UK by the late Professor Kirkman and has had further training in Italy. Completing her training and passing with Honors she has been practicing Homotoxicology since 2003. Her experience in this area blends well with naturopathic nutritional therapy and detoxification protocols.

What is Homotoxicology?

Homotoxicology is 21st century

“Homo” meaning man,
“Toxico” derived from toxin or poison
“Logy” derived from the Greek word
Logos meaning study

Homotoxicology is the study of the influence of toxic substances on humans. The associated treatment is Homeotherapeutics also known as Complex Homeopathy and Modern Homeopathy.

Developed and introduced by the German doctor Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg in the 1950’s it is a different way of approaching a patient and his disease.

Not wishing to use toxic medicines to treat patients Dr Reckeweg managed to bridge the gap between conventional and complementary medicine by combining homeopathic remedies made from herbs, plants, flowers and minerals with tiny molecules of original substances making it a “gentle medicine” that helps to rebalance organs and systems.

What can it treat?

Research has proven that these homeopathic combinations are relevant to current health issues and scientific findings confirm the efficacy of these remedies. This treatment can address both acute and chronic conditions.

Prescriptions incorporate nutritional advice, detoxifying, drainage and remedies.

Some of the conditions that can be treated are:

  • Inflammation
    Sprains, bruises, general swelling.
  • Draining Toxins
    Glandular swelling, tonsillitis.
  • Energy Boost
    A stimulating energy boost for athletes and the chronically ill.
  • Nervous & Hormone Systems
    PMS, Menopause, infertility, sexual
    libido, mood swings, regulates & rebalances.
  • Metabolism
    For general weakening, early aging.
  • Virus
    Flu, intestinal, respiratory, urinary, skin, strengthening the anti-viral immune defenses.
  • Stress
    Physical or mental, nervousness.

These medicines are not available to the general public, but by prescription only from a qualified practitioner.

They can be safely taken alongside other prescribed medications (with very few exceptions).


NB. Homotoxicology does not and should not replace any recommended treatment from your General Practitioner. Any medical conditions should always be reported to and discussed with your own GP.