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Hormonal Problems

Hormonal problems are prevalent today.

The endocrine system can be one of several systems that become affected due to stress and toxins from
diet and the environment.

Stress affects us all, and as a result of trying to cope with our modern day, busy lives it can affect our adrenal
gland function. Tiredness, exhaustion, insomnia, anxiety and irritability are all possible symptoms. Specific diet,
supplementation and homotoxicology can support and heal adrenal burnout.

Thyroid function can be affected by environmental factors, stress, candida and other moulds, and diet, causing
this gland to become out of balance, especially hypo-active. Specific diet, supplementation, modern homeopathy
and detoxification support this gland.

PMS is experienced by many woman. Symptoms are many and varied and are caused by stress, poor diet,
mineral and other nutrient deficiencies, environmental toxins and electro-magnetic pollution etc.
Appropriate diet and nutritional supplements, herbs and modern homeopathy are excellent for maintenance
of a balanced hormonal system.

Menopause is a natural event in a womanís life. However, many women experience an array of symptoms
at this time. These can be precipitated by stress, inappropriate diet, mineral and other nutrient deficiencies,
environmental toxins and electro-magnetic pollution. If the body has a toxic load this aggravates more severe
symptoms causing further physical, mental and emotional disturbance. Correction of diet, nutrients and
rebalancing of the hormones along with lifestyle changes can help women at this time.

Poor libido can occur as a result of hormonal and digestive problems as well as nutrient deficiencies.
Treatment involves treating the whole body using diet, supplementation, the most up to date homeopathic
remedies and electro-crystal therapy.

Infertility affects 1 in every 6 couples in the UK and miscarriage affects 1 in 3 pregnancies. Diet and
supplementation are the basis of our treatment of this condition, stimulating a positive change in the health
of the ovaries and sperm. Healthier eggs and sperm create a healthier baby. We advise on what you should,
and shouldn’t, eat to help conception, and which supplements are required for fertility before, during and
after pregnancy. We also advise on ways to increase your success rate in IVF treatments and how to prevent
miscarriage. Ideally both partners should be treated.

Hypoglycaemia and diabetes is a hormonal condition that affects the pancreas. Hypoglycaemia can be
associated with other hormonal problems including adrenal insufficiency and PMS. Blood sugar problems
are common and along with diet and supplementation,