About Sonja Macura

I have always had an interest in nutrition and cooking, and love studying traditional foods and their origins. When my health suffered in the late 1980’s my illness could not be understood by conventional medicine. I had no option but to look to alternative medicine for help. I discovered that nutritional medicine and homotoxicology was the way to help restore my energy levels and overcome the debilitating symptoms I was experiencing.

My interest in naturopathy was huge and I chose to undertake training with Dr Lawrence Plaskett qualifying as a nutritional therapist. I began practising in London also attaining my ITEC diploma in Anatomy and Physiology.

I moved to West Yorkshire and have been practising there since 2001. I have also studied, and am passionate about iridology which I find is such an essential tool in helping me to assess an individual’s health. I continue to train in this subject ensuring that I keep up to date with new research.

I have been practising homotoxicology since 2003 and was trained by the late Professor Kirkman. I graduated in colon hydrotherapy in 2008. I continue to develop my knowledge by training and keeping updated with nutritional research via seminars, webinars and reading scientific papers. I also acquire knowledge from and participate in online nutrition groups.

I recognise that appearance is important to people in today’s society. I offer homeopathic mesotherapy as a solution to facial aesthetics with the added benefit of enhancing overall health. It is in addition to the gentle approach to health that I have been providing for my clients for many years.

Because of my experience with ill health I am able to empathise with clients. I have practised for many years and have obtained a wide spectrum of knowledge in the naturopathic nutrition field. I approach clients with simple, naturopathic practice fully recognising their uniqueness and individual health concerns. I am registered and regulated in all the therapies I use and carry full insurance.

I know that changing your diet and lifestyle may require a change in mind-set and I am prepared to support you every step of the way.

A new healthier you is possible!